Meaning of Silaye.

Pronounced as SIL-EYE, the word itself comes from the Hindu word to sew. Just like when you sew pieces of fabric together, we at Silaye bring together the fashion maker community, one stitch at a time. Together, we can make stronger connections and amazing products.

It all began with a desire.

A desire to solve a problem that was impacting the way designer-entrepreneurs navigate the fashion industry: the inability to effectively and efficiently find, understand, and communicate with makers, manufacturers, and producers in a welcoming and accessible community. A desire to simplify the design, product development and manufacturing process. A desire to educate the new faces of the industry while propelling forward the careers of the pros.

We found the solution.

A supportive and connected community. The lack of community was a problem affecting professional designers, suppliers, and makers like you, as well as industry experts and entrepreneurs like us. We built Silaye as we’d like to see and experience it, knowing our experience would mirror yours. We built Silaye to connect the fashion maker community so we can push forward and make it easier to create innovative products.

Let’s make things happen.

We’re all about helping you identify, prepare for, and take the next step to create innovative products, cultivating an environment so it is easier to get your ideas made. Whether you’re an apparel designer, a fabric supplier, a garment manufacturer, a graphic designer or anything in between, Silaye has something for you. We are ecstatic for you to create your profile and join the community of creatives that’s finally arrived: Silaye.